I am not a registered Yoga Teacher. Am I eligible for CoCo Training?

This must be our #1 most common question and the answer is YES. Our training is not just for yogis, but for everyone who works with youth, including social workers, therapists, counselors, educators and anyone else seeking to learn how to use yoga, meditation and mindfulness as tools for healing trauma. 

Will I receive a certification after taking this course?

Of course, upon completion you will receive a signed certificate from Connection Coalition for having completed our 15-hour Trauma Informed Outreach Training. 

It’s important to note that this is not a 200 hour yoga teacher training, which is the requirement to become an RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher). 

How much yoga experience do I need to take this course? 

The majority of our training will be interactive activities, lecture and discussion. The main asana portion of our training will be Saturday morning’s 1.5 hour class tailored for all-levels with modifications for the beginner and advanced student.

Is this a kids yoga training?

We want to be transparent and emphasize that this is NOT a kids yoga teacher training. What we offer is a Trauma Informed Outreach Training which prepares teachers/volunteers with an understanding of how trauma affects our development and how yoga and mindfulness can be used as tools for self-regulation of the nervous system. Our intention is to increase self-awareness, leading to a reduction of trauma-based behavior. 

 For this reason, we don't offer specific yoga sequences, because you simply never know what you’re walking into.  Our nearly 15 years experience in this field has taught us that you can’t have a planned sequence. It just doesn't work that way. What we do is prepare our volunteers to be flexible with their expectations, be intuitive with their teaching, and be able to create a safe and accepting environment. 

For those wanting to explicitly learn how to teach yoga postures, we recommend taking a yoga teacher certification course.  There are 200 Hour courses, and 100 hour kids yoga certification courses available across the country.

If you are not a yoga teacher, please rest assured that since our training is made up of 50% yoga teachers and 50% folks who already work with youth, our intention is to team up these individuals to work in tandem, if they choose to volunteer in the field. 

I’m interested in working with adults such as Veterans with PTSD, Domestic Violence survivors, the prison population, etc. Will the content still be applicable? 

Most definitely! As stated in the previous response, this training is designed to help us view yoga through a trauma-informed lens. Expect to dive deep into the SCIENCE OF YOGA, including how the brain and nervous system are affected by trauma and how yoga and meditation can help us create new neural pathways in the brain, essentially “rewriting our stories”. Once your perspective is shifted to this trauma-informed mindset, you will find that these healing tools are UNIVERSAL and applicable to all ages, genders etc. 

How can I prepare for the course? 

Simply put, all that is required is an open heart and mind, a desire to serve youth and a willingness to courageously face your own trauma. It is by recognizing and acknowledging our shared trauma that we are best able to serve our youth without judgment.

Can I volunteer for CoCo programs after taking the training?

YES! Once you complete our 15-Hr training, you are then able to volunteer with any of our CoCo programs. Programs are a 6 week format with a 1-hr class per week. This ensures a doable commitment for the volunteer and allows you to create a bond with your students. You are free to do 6 week programs with different demographics so you can discover where you best connect.  

What if I don’t want to volunteer teach after the training, can I just watch other classes until I’m ready? 

We always pair teachers in teams of 2 people minimum, allowing you to be a lead, assistant or co-teacher. Rather than watch, we want you to gain confidence in your role, which may begin as an assistant demoing poses before leading a class. 

Are any follow up requirements or commitments to CoCo after certification?

You are never required to volunteer with CoCo after completing our training. This is a voluntary program, and you are able to join us in the field when/if you are ready. While some training graduates choose to serve their community under the CoCo umbrella, others choose to apply the content they learn to their own personal practice or within another organization’s programming. 

Will CoCo help me start a program once I complete the training? 

Once you’ve taken our training you are officially part of the Connection Coalition family! This means that you’re able to approach an organization and offer them a yoga program via Connection Coalition, a 501c3 non-profit offering yoga programs across the nation. We provide you with a script if you are empowered to take the lead. Conversely, we can also support you via phone/email as you reach out and coordinate with an organization. In the areas where a CoCo trainer resides (South Florida, Greater Los Angeles, Greater Atlanta, Greater Detroit), the trainer may be able to connect with the organization in person. 

Because we are a grassroots organization with a small staff, our most sustainable solution is to identify a Program Manager for each city in which we conduct a training.  This person is someone who steps up to be the main contact keeping the group informed about local volunteer opportunities. Program Managers already volunteering in the field will be the first considered as we add to our Training Facilitator staff.

I have already taken a Trauma Informed Training with another organization. Do I still need to take CoCo’s training in order to volunteer? 

Yes. Although we always value and honor your previous training and outreach experience, we do require all CoCo volunteers to complete our certification in order to be trained according to our principals and approach.

How much is the training? Are there any discounts for students, educators or non-profit employees?

The investment for our 15 Hour Trauma Informed Training is $349, with an early sign-up rate of $329 extended until 30 days prior to the training. In select markets, we may offer a discounted rate of $299 to educators, college students and non-profit staff with proper ID.  Please see each training's online registration page for more info. 

Do you offer scholarships or payment plans? 

Please contact the yoga studio hosting the training you are interested in attending in order to inquire about available scholarship opportunities. 

I can’t attend the training on those dates, when will you by coming back to my city? 

This is always determined by the level of interest and attendance. When there is a demand, we gladly return to the area 1-2 times per year.

Are you coming to (insert city/state here)? I think your training would do so well in our community/non-profit organization.

We are always eager and willing to expand to new communities! If you have a relationship with a yoga studio or non-profit in your area and would like to serve as a liaison between CoCo and the studio/organization, please reach out to our Trainings Manager, ,  to learn more. We can also provide our 15-hour training to non-profit staff in a private setting.