2019 Connection Coalition Scholarship Application


CoCo is proud to offer a limited number of partial scholarships to complete our Trauma Informed Outreach Training. These will be awarded to individuals who have a true desire to bring yoga to youth in marginalized communities. Applicants can be yoga teachers ready to step out into community, or community members such as educators, caseworkers, non-profit organizations and parents.

Instructions: Please plan 15-20 minutes to fill out this scholarship application, as this form cannot be saved for completion at a later date. Note that filling out this application does not guarantee a scholarship offer. Scholarship applications must be received no later than 4 weeks prior to the selected training, or we cannot guarantee application review. All applicants will be emailed a decision within (2) week of the scholarship deadline for their training. Please note our scholarship covers $175 of the course fee; participate is responsible for remaining course investment. If you have additional questions regarding this scholarship application or need assistance completing the form, please email jen@theconnectioncoalition.org

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CoCo programs typically run on a six week cycle, meaning our volunteers only commit to a 1 hour class each week- over six weeks. At the end of the six week cycle, the commitment is complete. If the volunteer and the program manager would like to continue, a new cycle can be coordinated. Volunteers in new markets, or in areas where we don’t already have programming, are empowered to create new relationships with youth (or other) organizations to start a CoCo six week program. As part of the trade of energy, I commit to participating in a minimum of one “six week outreach programs” in exchange for the opportunity to be awarded a scholarship through Connection Coalition. *
By checking this box, I'm aware this is a partial scholarship and I will be required to provide my course investment of $175 to participate. *