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If Connection is the Cure, then Action is the medicine that delivers it.

CONNECTION IN ACTION is our online training for empowered individuals ready to step into their power to embrace and activate their community!

Next 4 Week Course: October 9, 16, 23 & 30

WednesdaY EVENINGs 7-9P EST

Investment: $99

*All live sessions will be available for replay

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Online Training: Connection In Action
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What Can I Expect from this course?


Join CoCo Facilitators Marisol Tamez & Siha Collins for 4 weeks of courageous conversation as we:

  • Unpack the interplay between Trauma, Race, ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) & Systemic Oppression

  • Learn practical mind-body tools for managing triggers, such as self-inquiry and self-regulation

  • Cultivate mindfulness of cyclical trauma and its impact on how we relate

  • Explore how to create a more connected & engaged community

  • Discover what it takes to be an ally

Hear real stories of outreach and connection. Discover what truly works and how to effectively collaborate.

Together we’ll explore how to bridge the gap in today’s cultural divide and navigate past stigmas into an authentic space of tangible community connection.

The conversations will be DEEP.

The growth will be EXPANSIVE.

Is this course for me?

If you haven’t already heard, we’ve decided to make CONNECTION IN ACTION (previously Level 2) accessible to everyone, not only graduates of our in-person 15-Hr. Trauma Informed Outreach Training. Why the change? 

With the present social and political divide, many of us are overwhelmed with fear for the future, for our children and the planet as a whole.  When conflict arises that seems larger than us, it’s common to feel paralyzed. Anger, sadness, frustration and confusion separates us from each other and leaves us feeling alone and powerless. 

As we scroll through our social media feeds and witness the latest news or read a friend's post that leaves us feeling triggered, many of us silently wonder,  “What’s happening?, What can I possibly do?, How can I be a part of the solution?”

We at Connection Coalition believe it starts by having the meaningful conversations in brave spaces where your authenticity and curiosity is always welcome. We created the CONNECTION IN ACTION online course because we believe there are many of us seeking clarity and connection among the current chaos. 

Our 15+ years as a national yoga service non-profit have taught us that #ConnectionIsTheCure. 

We believe that each of us have the potential to positively impact change, yet we must begin with ourselves and the way in which we relate with our friends, family, co-workers and local community.

Together we will navigate the difficult issues, identify accessible solutions based on heart-centered action and strive towards new levels of both societal and personal awareness.

*Recommendation: Our CONNECTION IN ACTION online training is open to anyone seeking to deepen their skill & capacity to navigate the division caused by today’s social and political climate. This online course expands upon the content presented in our in-person 15-Hour Trauma Informed Outreach Training, although the courses may be taken separately or combined in any order.

Meet Your Facilitators

Marisol Tamez

Marisol has been a part of the CoCo family since our early years, serving as CoCo's first Executive Director from 2011-2013. After moving to LA in 2015, a deep passion for service and activism led her back home as our Trainings Manager & West Coast Facilitator. In 2019, Marisol took on the role as our Director of Brand + Social Impact, striving to increase CoCo’s global imprint while harnessing digital platforms for education and awareness.

She combines her BA in Psychology & Criminology from the University of Miami, along with a near decade long career as a TV Host, Writer & Producer, ensuring an experience that is not only grounded in mind-body science and social justice, but also creative and authentic.

Born and raised in Miami, Marisol now resides in Dallas, where she also manages her crystal healing lifestyle brand, Mayan Rose.

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Siha Collins

A teacher, storyteller, experiential creative and much more, Siha fills up spaces with her unique brand of humor and ease to create transformative practices that help people connect to themselves and each other. Siha is the creator of Yellow Mat Wellness Collective, a wellness lifestyle brand + studio located in Decatur, GA. In addition to her work as a Cannabis educator and activist, Siha is proud to serve as Brand + Social Impact Manager for Connection Coalition.

What People are Saying:

“Time after time I site this training as the one that REALLY opened my eyes to racial inequality and what set me on a path to seek local community groups in order to have those tough conversations about race and trauma. This course is eye-opening. You come out on the other end with truly open eyes to the world around you and what others may be experiencing. If you’re on the fence. DO IT! You won’t regret it.” - Megan Claycamp Huff